Now introducing, Mr. Marvin!


aka Marv aka Marvalicious aka Marvin T. Cakes

DOB: March 6, 2006

This is Marvin. He is our eldest and wise beyond his years. He is a short haired Black and Tan dappled dachshund (say that five times fast). He belonged to the bachelor life with Brian for a year or so before Nicole moved in. Clearly, she had nothing to do with naming him since he was named after a popular UNC basketball player at the time, Marvin Williams. He can be stubborn when he wants, but more often than not he is an incredibly sweet and loyal little friend. He seems to have taken a special interest in Nicole since her pregnancy. Hopefully, he and Baby Kron will be good friends… not mortal enemies.

Marvin loves to go to work with us. We work at a software company so rarely do we have outside visitors come into the office. The president of our company is an avid dog lover and happens to be Brian’s father, so we can bring our dogs. Marvin has a special crush on one lady that works with us… I suspect the Puparonis are what did him in. Marvin’s lady love also has a Pug that she brings with her everyday so they keep each other company while both basking in her loving presence.

Marvin seems to hold a grudge against our family cat, Tiger. He is a bit of a “red-headed step child” but that’s no reason for him to be hassled when walking to the community water dish (Marvin!). For this, I blame Brian. He too holds a grudge. He could not have cared less if Marley, Tiger’s late brother (RIP), were to walk by.

Marvin is the brother of Marley (dog Marley- not to be confused with above pictured cat Marley) who is owned by Brian’s parents. More to come on him…


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