Last, but not least… TOBS!


aka Sir Tobias Kronengold aka Toby Tobes

DOB: September 26, 2006

Toby poops in the house. The End.

Just kidding! (But he does poop in the house like a BAD DOG!)

Toby is literally our red-headed step child. We adopted him from a high school friend about a year ago because he didn’t get along with their baby. [GREAT! Now we’re having a baby!] He is a medium haired (?) red dachshund. As you can see he has some sweet ‘wings’ on his legs and longer hair on his tail. Nicole likes to say they are his floaties.

He is honestly the sweetest dog ever. He might not be the smartest dog, but lawdy is he sweet?! We are really interested to see how this whole Toby versus The Baby thing turns out because it’s just really hard to imagine him harming a fly much less a human child. More on that to come…

Toby LOVES cats. Like, in a weird way. He likes to charge them and then just stop right before he gets to them but he does this often. Tiger has just learned to ignore him. They cuddle often.

Speaking of cuddling- Toby loves to cuddle with Brian. He’s not the most considerate cuddler though. Once he assumes the position he is hell bent on maintaining that position until he is good and ready to move himself.

Oh, Toby…


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