Everyone, Dexter. Dexter, everyone.


aka Dex aka Mr. Bubs aka Mr. Wiggles

DOB: September 26, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you our youngest of three dachshunds, Dexter. Dexter is a long haired Cream dappled dachshund. Both of his parents were Creams so don’t ask how he came out looking the way he does.  He was an “accident” and the only puppy in his litter.

He is by far the most obnoxious of the bunch but has a heart of gold. Do not confuse his relentless barking with aggression- he simply likes to “talk”… a lot. You haven’t heard the symphony that is dachshund barking until you walk into the Kronengold house. Lord help us all if you are a stranger and give a high five or any other form of human-on-human contact. The eruption of barks is astonishing with Dexter at the helm. He is always the last to settle. Always.

He was the first dog that Brian and Nicole got as a couple so he holds a special place in their hearts. He was Nicole’s first puppy ever!

Why is he our (dare we say?) favorite, you ask? Well, I suppose it boils down to his fluffy coat and cuddly demeanor. Obviously, this requires the absence of any foreigners but when it’s cuddle time- he is the best. Dexter is quite fond of sleeping either in between us or on Nicole’s pillow. As you can see he is not a small dog so the pillow battles are epic and he usually wins. It’s amazing how he manages to sneak up there undetected in the middle of the night.

He probably has the most personality out of the three as well. He can communicate quite effectively through eye contact and a series of grunts and whimpers.


Dexter is also quite gifted in the arts of burping and farting.


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